Membership Renewal Information

Membership Renewal Notices are sent by email from the Treasurer/Membership Chair. Members can renew by mailing a check accompanied by the Membership Renewal Form, but the preferred method of paying dues is through PayPal. Payment by money order will not be accepted.

Renewal by Online Payment: This method can be used by clicking on the following link to PayPal: and following the instructions there. Note that you should contact the Treasurer/Membership chair at anytime when there have been changes to your profile that ha not been previously reported.

Renewal by Mail with Check: This method can be used by downloading a current Membership Dues Renewal Form at memberrenewalinv2017.pdf and sending a check with the form to the Treasurer/Membership Chair, as indicated on the form.

Important: Either method will require the member to update/confirm his/her current working email address for use in sending announcements. Please go to your entry on the SCIP Membership Directory and verify that your profile is up to date. During the year, please keep the Treasurer/Membership Chair notified of any change in your email address. If you have a security or preregistration requirement on your email Inbox, please indicate SCIP and the Treasurer/Membership Chair as approved senders.

If a member/affiliate has not received a renewal notice by June 30 of the current year for the following year's membership term, contact the Treasurer at

Dues for Fiscal Year 2018 are due by July 30, 2017 to avoid a lapse of membership and all the benefits, such as discounts as a member of a CSI Corporate Partner, and an invitation to the annual Arkema event.


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